Spicy Wada with Pickled Mango 2

Spicy Wada with Pickled Mango 2

Spicy Wada with Pickled Mango on Pepper Padpad

Spicy Wada with Pickled Mango 2

Trust the Vegan Peasant’s to turn a popular street food into a canapé. We experienced a taste of wada also called vada pav when we arrived in Maharastra. Our friend, Milind, took us to a fast food place for lunch in Pune. After a day of showing us all the city sites, while riding around on a moped with his leg in a cast. Talk about a trooper!

Wada literally means fried potato fritters. It’s a deep fried, battered, spiced, mashed potato concoction served in a bun. Yes, this is carb overload. We have seasoned these canapés with mustard seed, fennel seed, cumin and onion, battered and fried them. They rest on mini papads that are also fried and are topped with a spicy mango salsa.


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