Happy New Year 2013!

Happy New Year 2013

Hi Vegan Peasant Friends,

Starting the year off on a high?

The beginning of the year started on a high for me, literally, but all natural of course. I broke out the excel sheet and started working on my plan for 2013 including: categorises, actions, deadlines and reviews. In the following areas of health, travel, friends & family, reading, writing, money, business, etc. Due to all the excitement generated coming up with my plan, I couldn’t get to sleep. Ideas kept running through my brain until 2am and even 4am in the morning. As someone who usually gets to sleep in 5 minutes after hitting the pillow, this was very alarming. A continuous high like that is not sustainable. A productive week past and the high faded, I’m so glad that I can now get to sleep with a little less running through my mind.

Putting the excel sheet aside, I do hope your year has gotten off to a running start.

If travel is on the horizon for 2013, you will not go wrong to put Berlin on your list. And if you are keen, our friend Patrick, who has moved back to Berlin for good, is giving tours. So, do get in touch.

More Berlin

At the end of last year, Dan and Rosemary Howe visited Berlin. Not only did they have an amazing time; they wrote this guest post too, including pictures – Vegan Berlin Part 3.

Top 10 things you will love in 2013

We came up with a list of items, some kitchen tools and some delicious foods, you might like. Perhaps you have loved these items all your life, or you loved them last year, but I guarantee you will love them even more in 2013.

Vegan Peasant Supper Club returns February 2013

We would like to start the supper clubs up again in the New Year with the first on being in February. We are looking for a central London location. More updates coming soon!

Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

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