Vegan Berlin – Part 3

Vegan Berlin  – Part 3

Guest post from Rosemary and Dan Howe.

Reading Diana and Adrian’s Vegan Berlin blog posts, part one and two, got our mouths watering. So with a coupon for a free flight and some spare vacation days to use up before the end of the year, we had no excuse. We booked it to Germany to sample the vegan delights for ourselves. Having visited Berlin last year, we had all the tourist stuff out of the way, and this trip we were able to focus on what’s important: hanging out with friends and stuffing our faces.

Something magical happens at the bars in Kreuzberg, East Berlin’s trendy neighbourhood overrun by tech start-ups, hipsters, yuppies and artsy types. You can plan for an early night and decide to meet for just the one, but the great atmosphere and conversation carries you away and before you know it the lights are on and staff are putting chairs on top of tables. Late nights and slow mornings will require the right sustenance to get you through. Fortunately, in Berlin it is easy to eat vegan. Here’s our suggestion on how to spend a day eating in Berlin.

Brunch at Kopps

Brunch at Kopps


Breakfast was the highlight of our trip. At €12.50 it might seem pricey at Kopps, but you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. Berliners apparently are late sleepers, so at 10am we had the buffet feast to ourselves. Rosemary chose a respectable breakfast of “egg” salad, a waffle, potatoes and some vegan meats, while Dan went all out with a three-course dining experience. Starting with a British-style tofu-scramble, potatoes and baked beans plate before moving on to servings of veganised traditional German breakfasts and ending with a breakfast-desert plate of waffles, pancakes, soy yogurt and mysterious sweet creams. It was ridiculously delicious and made us want to crawl back in to bed.

Lunch at Yellow Sunshine


Yellow Sunshine is a cute vegetarian diner right near our rented apartment, serving organic fast food. We had a double chicken cheese burger and the fakin’ fish burger. The selection of patties and fake meats under the glass counter looked intriguing, and we wished we had the stamina to make our way through the menu to sample them all.


Yoyo for Dinner

Yoyo for Dinner

Following the Vegan Peasant recommendation, we swung by Yoyo for dinner. We split a vegan gyro, Hawaii burger, which had pineapple and cheese and some nuggets with a banana smoothie. The café was busy and it had a great community feel. It got us thinking about the many vegan shops, cafes and restaurants in Berlin. Why can’t London, a much larger city, support as many vegan businesses? What is it about East Berlin that has the vegan community so thriving?

End the day at Goodies, an omni coffee shop, with vegan cakes so good they’ll send you into a coma.

Our trip to Berlin was one of excess. Thankfully, Berlin is such a friendly walkable city that we were able to balance out the gorging with hikes exploring side streets and riverside trails. For any vegan that loves to eat, Berlin is the perfect citybreak destination.


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