June Newsletter 2013

Newsletter June 2013


Dear Vegan Peasant Friends,

Broad Beans

Broad Beans

Photo, “Broad-beans-after-cooking” is copyright (c) 2006 Richard W.M. Jones and made available under the public domain.

What’s in season now?

If you’re partial to legumes we suggest you give broad beans a try. They’re in season right now and can be found at your local farmers’ market. When choosing your broad beans pick pods that are small and young as they’ll be sweeter. Once you have shelled them. The beans are easier to skin by blanching them in hot water for a few minutes. Broad Bean and Mint Brushchetta, Peas and Broad Beans and Broad Bean Purée are just a few of the tried and true recipes. Our favourite is a Cajun Spiced Tortilla Cone with Broad Bean and Garlic Pâté, which makes a tasty canapé if I do say so myself.



Do you offer gluten-free, soy-free, raw, Kosher or Halal options?

Two days ago, I send out a quote for a wedding. During the phone conversation with the lovely bride, I asked if there was anything that was a strict no-no or must have in regards to the menu. Mushrooms, chocolate, vinegar, alcohol and possibly nuts were strict no-no’s. You might think this would be a herculean challenge, but for us it was easy-peasy. Not to mention a lot of fun.

But it got me thinking about the many times over the past few years we’ve been asked to cater for a number of dietary requirements.

Probably about six months after Vegan Peasant started we were contacted about providing a Halal menu for an Islamic fashion show. Vegan catering tends to be Halal by default, but the main concern the organizer had was alcohol. Alcohol is haram because of it’s intoxicating effects. It is permissible to consume food that contains alcohol as long as it does not intoxicate and as long as the alcohol content is the result of natural fermentation.

We do occasional cook with wine, but none of our menus contain alcohol as an ingredient.

Like Islamic dietary law Jewish dietary law tends to be vegan by default. There are many similarities between Halal and Kosher, but for every similarity there is an equal if not greater number of differences. And they are not applicable for the purpose of this FAQ.

Another request that pops up from time to time is gluten-free. Again this one is a no brainer for us as many of the foods we tend to prepare are wheat-free by default.  When we were organising supper club events a guest requested a gluten-free meal.  All we had to do was substitute out one of the starters and make a gluten-free pastry for the dessert. Everything else on the five-course menu was gluten-free.




The Arctic Sunrise - Greenpeace UK fundraiser - The Arctic Sunrise, West India Millwall Docks

The Arctic Sunrise – Greenpeace UK fundraiser – The Arctic Sunrise, West India Millwall Docks

Greenpeace UK

Last Friday, as part of the Greenpeace UK open weekend event aboard the Arctic Sunrise, we served canapés for a fundraising event. The Arctic Sunrise, Greenpeace’s icebreaker, was in the UK for the last leg of the European Tour. The end of the tour marked the culmination of a successful campaign


“working with fishermen to demand a new European Common Fisheries Policy that gives greater fishing rights to sustainable fishermen, ends destructive fishing practices and puts the health of our seas and fish stocks at its heart.”


As the ship didn’t arrive at West India Millwall Docks until two hours before the event we didn’t realize that we’d actually be on deck until we turned up. I’d say it was our most inspiring location yet.


This is Bristol

This is Bristol


VegFest 2013 behind the scenes roundup

On 24May 2013 with a sense of foreboding we cycled across London to Paddington Station to board the 11.30am train to Bristol Temple Meads Station. A temperature of 11C and lashing wind and rain brought murkiness to what should have been a beautiful spring day. “Ugh! This weather is going to ruin VegFest,” I thought.

Seated in the cosy confines of our First Great Western booth we tried to forget about the weather. To the left and to the right we passed field upon field of shocking yellow oilseed rape. Is rape the only thing that will grow well in this weather?

As we stopped at each station I couldn’t help noticing the passengers wearing puffa jackets, a lady wearing sheepskin gloves and men with hats pulled down so low as to almost cover their eyes. But I needn’t have worried because by the time we got down to Bristol the storm had passed.


Recipe of the Month




My Kimchi (Kimchee) Story

“Do you have any kimchi that doesn’t have MSG (Monosodium glutamate), anchovy or shrimp?” I asked.

“No” Centre Point staff answered.

“You use to stock it, why don’t you sell it anymore?” I asked.

“Make your own” Centre Point staff answered.

Well, I just might do that. I thought.

It took me another year and a day to finally make some kimchi.


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