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Saporous Suppers

Posted on January 27th, 2014 · By admin

London’s best vegan supper club is back! In the form of Saporous Suppers and will be held on 7th February at 7:30PM in Dalston. The location will remain a secret to all but those attending.

Some of you may remember the monthly supper club series we ran two years ago at a café in Drummond Street. Sadly this collaboration ended when the proprietors decided to renovate the space into a one bedroom flat.

Supperclub Vegan Peasant

Supperclub Vegan Peasant

To start we would like to run these events monthly, but if there is enough demand we we’d like to make them weekly.

This month’s menu has a fusion theme with ingredients from Italian, Central American and Cuban. Some times we focus on a particular country, but who’s to say where one food tradition ends and another begins. With every menu that we create our aim is to attentively cater to your taste buds by making sure you experience a balanced meal that’s full of flavour.

Start time is 7.30pm and Tickets are £35 each. Ticket numbers are limited and are on a first come first served basis and will not be available on the night. Booking closes three days before the event date. Be sure to book early.

Eventbrite - Saporous Suppers

Saporous Supper Menu

Saporous Supper Menu


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About Vegan Peasant Catering

We are a London-based start-up event catering company. Our goal is to bring sustainable make from scratch food to your table. We specialize in 100 plant-based cuisine, which is organic where possible, local, fair-trade and vegan. Because we specialize in pure vegetarian foods we can offer you real choices and not just an option. We pride ourselves on being able to please vegans, vegetarians, non-vegetarians and flexitarians too.

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Saporous Suppers

Posted on January 10th, 2014 · By admin

If you tried to book tickets earlier and weren’t able to because the link wasn’t working it is working now.

We still have 6 tickets available.

If you are still keen on attending book now.

A New Year for a new supper!

We are kick-starting the new year with the launch of Saporous Suppers. The first supper takes place on the last Saturday of the month. And if all goes well might become a twice monthly event in the future. We’ve been meaning to start a new dinner series for some time now. So we hope you’ll join us.

The three-course menu can be seen below. You can book tickets and find out more on the eventbrite page.

Saporous Supper Menu

Saporous Supper Menu




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Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!

Posted on December 21st, 2013 · By admin

merry xmas & happy new year

merry xmas & happy new year

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Party Celebration – Testimonial

Posted on December 17th, 2013 · By admin


Party Celebration

Vegan Peasant Catering supplied me with the most delicious dinner for 30 people over the weekend.  The food not only looked very appetising but also tasted delicious. It was a well-balanced meal and was full of all the best nutrients. If you were a meat eater, you definitely would not have missed the meat. I would love to repeat the evening and I look forward to having you back in our home for another occasion.

Viscountess Cowdray, Party Celebration, December 2013

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Posted on November 21st, 2013 · By admin


Nisha & Kayras’ Wedding

Diana and Adrian prepared and served delicious canapés for our wedding party in August. They were very open to creating a bespoke menu for us since the guest list included a number of varying food preferences. We talked about quite a few options over the weeks leading up to the event, but when I heard they make their own homemade kimchi, there was no going back.

One of my favourite aspects of Vegan Peasant Catering is that they do not attempt to mimic the ‘usual suspects’ in their menu. VPC does not retrofit dishes to make them vegan, Diana and Adrian can apply an incredibly creative hand to coming up with unique and tasty concoctions that just happen to be animal product-free and often gluten-free as well.

Although, I come from a mostly vegetarian culture, even vegan food is a stretch for some members of my family. However, they were all extremely impressed with the quality, flavours and presentation of the canapés. My mom even asked me to get the recipes so she could try them out next time she hosts a party! There is no doubt in my mind. I would recommend Vegan Peasant Catering to friends, family and colleagues for their special events.

Nisha Kapadia Bhesania, Wedding Hertfordshire,  4th August 2013

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Lion Ark Movie premiere reception

Posted on October 3rd, 2013 · By admin


Lion Ark Movie premiere reception


Hi Diana,

Thank you for your email and for catering for our reception yesterday.

It all seemed to go very well and I have received nothing but good reports about the food, with a few commenting too that they were delighted that it was vegan. We would not have anything less!

We would certainly be very happy to use Vegan Peasant Catering for any future events and I very much appreciate that the facilities provided by the venue were less than ideal. Hopefully if we work together in the future we will have more control over this!

With very best wishes,



Angie Greenaway, Lion Ark, ADI Films,, 3rd October 2013




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Maitreya Social

Posted on July 12th, 2013 · By admin

Samphire Fritters- Maitreya Social

Samphire Fritters- Maitreya Social

Is a restaurant and arts space from chef Barney McGrath, who has taken over from former chef/proprietor Mark Evans. Maitreya Social or the former Café Maitreya has always been placed in the top 5 or 10 must visit veggie restaurants in the UK. Since we were in Bristol for the VegFest anyway we decided to check it out.

I made reservations, a few weeks ago, as the website states: “Its always best to book a table in the evening as we are often full.”

Once we arrived, I didn’t get the sense we needed reservations anyway.

Waiting at the bar, sipping cocktails until a table became available might have been nice. Within two minutes a friendly server appeared and whisked us to the upstairs dinning area on the far right next to the empty wine bottle and light display.

The place has a comfy vibe and looks like a house that has been converted into a restaurant not unlike buildings you might find in some areas of San Francisco or Brighton. As it’s also an art space the quirkiness extends to the work hanging on the walls and the vibrant furniture installation placed next to the door of the upstairs dinning room. We were seated at the only other table for two with the rest being larger tables of four or more. At one particular table, full of social workers, you could tell they had been coming here for years.

The menu is small – all items fit on one page. I find it kind of scary dinning at a restaurant where they hand you a book for the menu. So small is good. The menu is seasonal with a few nods to the Mediterranean, Middle East and Asia and a number of vegan and gluten free options. Beetroot appears on the menu as a starter and as a side dish. Reminding you that seasonal and local are not just buzz words. The wine menu is also compact. Nevertheless, they managed to squeeze in an English white: Davenport Vineyards Horsmonden Dry, 2010 England described as ‘light, vibrant and super-fresh with a touch of citrus fruit’. Moderation is the key word here with no bottles priced over £30 and most well below that.

To start we had olives served in a ramekin with a soft white bap. And a deep-fried, tempura battered, ladder lattice of samphire sitting on a bed of slightly pickled carrot, red onion and cabbage accompanied by an equally delicious zingy tri-colour dressing. Instead of taking copious photos, I’d advise you to eat this dish fairly quickly – while it’s still hot. To drink we decided to play it safe and order the IGT Sicilia Mont’albano Nero d’Avola, 2010 Italy. On the other hand if you order the Roasted Shallot, Chestnut and Chestnut Mushroom Bourguignon I suggest you eat it slowly as it’s piping hot due to the fact that it’s served in a Mauviel Copper Mini Sauteuse with mini polenta cakes and broccoli crowns. The vegan option comes without the cheese, but the polenta and broccoli seemed orphaned. Perhaps adding another ingredient, not a fake cheese, might bring it together. Chef Barney’s take on a Laksa consisted of Cauliflower, Coconut and Tamarind with steamed rice pancake rolls and spinach and cashew dumplings. I would have liked a bit of heat to accompany this dish, but even without the heat it was flavourful and inventive. For dessert, we had the Pistachio, Almond & Vanilla Baklava. Of all the dishes we ordered I’d have to say this one missed the mark. The chocolate and passion fruit sauce clashed and the texture of the baklava were a bit chewy.

Maitreya Social is the kind of place where you’ll immediately feel comfortable, whether you’re a local, regular or just a visitor. If you are in Bristol it’s the place to go for friendly service and a compact menu of generous vegetarian comfort food.

Location: Maitreya Social, 89 St Mark’s Road, Easton, Bristol, BS5 6HY, 0117 951 0100

Prices: Starters, £4 to £5; Mains, £9 to £10; Extras, £2 to £4; Desserts, £5; Wine £13 to £30.

Details: Open 6 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Tuesday to Thursday, 10 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, Closed Monday.

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