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Vegan London Suppers

Posted on February 20th, 2014 · By admin

caribbean dinner

caribbean dinner

Vegan London Suppers

You may have heard about our collaboration, Around the World with FGV. It’s a dinner hosted by Fat Gay Vegan showcasing four vegan chefs in the month of March. The first dinner takes place on the 7th March. Head Chef Adrian Smith of Vegan Peasant Catering will be preparing one of our most popular dinners, a Caribbean inspired supper. On the 14th Vanessa of Essential Vegan will cook a Brazilian dinner, on the 21st Jhenn of Vegan Ronin will cook a Japanese dinner and on the 28th Kip of Messy Vegetarian Cook will cook a Thai meal. I envy the dinners who brought season tickets and will be dinning at all four events. It’s got to be the tastiest bargain around.

Back in 2010 we ran a successful monthly dinner series for about two years. It came to an end when Greens & Beans, a veggie restaurant and Dru yoga studio based in Euston decided to convert the space downstairs into a flat. We ran the Caribbean inspired supper at least two or three times, as it was our most popular. If you were able to snatch a ticket to Around the World with FGV before it sold out you are in for a treat.

If you missed out on this opportunity to book this dinner we have started a new dinner series, Saporous Suppers. You can join our twitter page or sign up for our newsletter to hear about upcoming events. Our next dinner takes place on the 22nd March.

Eventbrite - Saporous Suppers

To buy tickets and for more details:

Saporous Suppers Menu

Saporous Suppers Menu for 22nd March 2014

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Saporous Suppers

Posted on January 27th, 2014 · By admin

London’s best vegan supper club is back! In the form of Saporous Suppers and will be held on 7th February at 7:30PM in Dalston. The location will remain a secret to all but those attending.

Some of you may remember the monthly supper club series we ran two years ago at a café in Drummond Street. Sadly this collaboration ended when the proprietors decided to renovate the space into a one bedroom flat.

Supperclub Vegan Peasant

Supperclub Vegan Peasant

To start we would like to run these events monthly, but if there is enough demand we we’d like to make them weekly.

This month’s menu has a fusion theme with ingredients from Italian, Central American and Cuban. Some times we focus on a particular country, but who’s to say where one food tradition ends and another begins. With every menu that we create our aim is to attentively cater to your taste buds by making sure you experience a balanced meal that’s full of flavour.

Start time is 7.30pm and Tickets are £35 each. Ticket numbers are limited and are on a first come first served basis and will not be available on the night. Booking closes three days before the event date. Be sure to book early.

Eventbrite - Saporous Suppers

Saporous Supper Menu

Saporous Supper Menu


Have a query about this event? Contact


About Vegan Peasant Catering

We are a London-based start-up event catering company. Our goal is to bring sustainable make from scratch food to your table. We specialize in 100 plant-based cuisine, which is organic where possible, local, fair-trade and vegan. Because we specialize in pure vegetarian foods we can offer you real choices and not just an option. We pride ourselves on being able to please vegans, vegetarians, non-vegetarians and flexitarians too.

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Saporous Suppers

Posted on January 10th, 2014 · By admin

If you tried to book tickets earlier and weren’t able to because the link wasn’t working it is working now.

We still have 6 tickets available.

If you are still keen on attending book now.

A New Year for a new supper!

We are kick-starting the new year with the launch of Saporous Suppers. The first supper takes place on the last Saturday of the month. And if all goes well might become a twice monthly event in the future. We’ve been meaning to start a new dinner series for some time now. So we hope you’ll join us.

The three-course menu can be seen below. You can book tickets and find out more on the eventbrite page.

Saporous Supper Menu

Saporous Supper Menu




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Party Celebration – Testimonial

Posted on December 17th, 2013 · By admin


Party Celebration

Vegan Peasant Catering supplied me with the most delicious dinner for 30 people over the weekend.  The food not only looked very appetising but also tasted delicious. It was a well-balanced meal and was full of all the best nutrients. If you were a meat eater, you definitely would not have missed the meat. I would love to repeat the evening and I look forward to having you back in our home for another occasion.

Viscountess Cowdray, Party Celebration, December 2013

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Posted on November 21st, 2013 · By admin


Nisha & Kayras’ Wedding

Diana and Adrian prepared and served delicious canapés for our wedding party in August. They were very open to creating a bespoke menu for us since the guest list included a number of varying food preferences. We talked about quite a few options over the weeks leading up to the event, but when I heard they make their own homemade kimchi, there was no going back.

One of my favourite aspects of Vegan Peasant Catering is that they do not attempt to mimic the ‘usual suspects’ in their menu. VPC does not retrofit dishes to make them vegan, Diana and Adrian can apply an incredibly creative hand to coming up with unique and tasty concoctions that just happen to be animal product-free and often gluten-free as well.

Although, I come from a mostly vegetarian culture, even vegan food is a stretch for some members of my family. However, they were all extremely impressed with the quality, flavours and presentation of the canapés. My mom even asked me to get the recipes so she could try them out next time she hosts a party! There is no doubt in my mind. I would recommend Vegan Peasant Catering to friends, family and colleagues for their special events.

Nisha Kapadia Bhesania, Wedding Hertfordshire,  4th August 2013

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Lion Ark Movie premiere reception

Posted on October 3rd, 2013 · By admin


Lion Ark Movie premiere reception


Hi Diana,

Thank you for your email and for catering for our reception yesterday.

It all seemed to go very well and I have received nothing but good reports about the food, with a few commenting too that they were delighted that it was vegan. We would not have anything less!

We would certainly be very happy to use Vegan Peasant Catering for any future events and I very much appreciate that the facilities provided by the venue were less than ideal. Hopefully if we work together in the future we will have more control over this!

With very best wishes,



Angie Greenaway, Lion Ark, ADI Films,, 3rd October 2013




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May Newsletter 2013

Posted on May 17th, 2013 · By admin

Newsletter May 2013

Dear Vegan Peasant Friends,

What’s in season now?

Photo “Asparagus” is copyright (c) 2013 chilebeans and made available under a Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic

Photo, “Asparagus” is copyright (c) 2013 chilebeans and made available under a Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic

Perhaps due to the wacky weather we’ve been having I haven’t seen any asparagus at the Stoke Newington Farmers’ Market. It’s a real shame because the start of spring and therefore the arrival of asparagus is the best reason to eat British, local and organic. Asparagus is best when picked fresh. The faster you can get your bunch of asparagus from the field to your plate, the better it will taste because the sugars in the plant start to turn to starch once it’s picked.

I’d love to say there are 1001 things you can do with asparagus, but that wouldn’t be true and I don’t want to lie to you. Roast it in the oven with a bit of olive oil, garlic and salt. There job done.

Vegan Tart Wins!

Congratulations to Dumisani Nyathi of The Vegan Tart for winning the Best Savoury category as well as Best in Show at the recent Brixton Bake Off, organised by Brixton Market.

And in case you were wondering, Dumisani won the top prize for his sundried tomato cheesecake. Sounds yum, must get my hands on a slice.

Ms. Cupcake’s Book Launch

First Book Launch - Ms. Cupcake

First Book Launch – Ms. Cupcake

Mellissa Morgan, aka Ms Cupcake, launched her first recipe book on May 9th.
Published by Square Peg, part of the Random House Group, the book, entitled Ms Cupcake – The Naughtiest Vegan Cakes in Town!

Vegan Peasant, as well as a number of other caterers, were on hand to feed the Brixton massive with canapés.

The event was held at the Ms. Cupcake Bakery. It was a great turn out with a lovely mix of locals, publishing types and people who call themselves vegans.

The art direction, photography and graphics are amazing.

Buy a copy of this book

FAQ: Venue

Ever so often we get a catering request from a host who is also looking for a venue. At the moment, we don’t have the capacity to provide a venue finding service. So here are a few things to think about when it comes to choosing the perfect venue.

How large is your party? You need to have at least a rough idea of the number of guests who’ll be attending.

Are kitchen facilities available? Refrigerators and stoves can be brought in, but obviously at an additional cost.

Is the venue licensed to provide alcohol service?

Is this a formal sit down dinner or a canapé and champagne reception?
Where will people sit and eat – will they have a solid surface to put plates on or should it be finger food?

Answering these questions will help guide you towards food options that will be tasty and appropriate to the event.

Upcoming Events

VegFest Bristol – May 24-26th 2013

The late May bank holiday weekend is sure to be a stormer if the 25,000 people expected to attend the VegFest have anything to do with it.

We’ll be hanging out with VegFest show sponsor’s Fry’s so if you’re in the area do stop by and say hello.

For more info about VegfestUK visit the website or contact the office by email or by phone on 0117 307987

Recipe of the Month

Chestnut Chocolate Biscuits

Chestnut Puree

Chestnut Puree

Roasted chestnuts are great, boiled chestnuts are my favorite, but what to do with this can of chestnut puree (see pic above). Amel, who happens to be French, gave me this can of chestnuts some time ago and it’s been staring back at me ever since. Today, I finally decided to do something about it. Reach into the back of your cupboard and grab your can of chestnut puree. Oh, wait, there isn’t one, it’s ok, you can pick one up from most supermarkets.

I’ve veganise this recipe so instead of butter we have substituted margarine, and instead of eggs – linseed or flax meal. It’s best if you mix the linseed and water in a separate bowl first.


Makes about 15-20 large cookies

125g margarine, softened
250g tin sweetened chestnut purée
125g dark chocolate, melted
75g icing sugar
2 tbls finely ground linseed
6tbls water
225g plain flour


Mix the margarine with an electric mixer or beat with a hand whisk until fairly soft. Then add the chestnut purée, chocolate, icing sugar and linseed mixture. Sift and stir in the flour.

Line a tray with parchment paper. Spoon the mixture on the tray and shape into ovals or rounds.

Heat the oven to 170C. Bake for 35 minutes or until crisp.

Adapted from Dan Lepard.

May Newsletter

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November Newsletter

Posted on November 11th, 2012 · By admin

Hello Vegan Peasant Friends,

Animal Aid Christmas Fayre 2012

Christmas is around the corner and so is the Animal Aid Christmas Fayre. Vegan Peasant will be making an appearance in conjunction with Fry’s Vegetarian. Fry’s have commissioned us to create a number of exciting holiday party canapés using some of their most popular products. On the day, we’ll be handing out samples along with recipe cards. We’d love to see you!

Here is a recipe for Empanadas – using Fry’s Vegetarian Mince

Makes 20
For the filling
Fry’s Vegetarian Mince (380g)
Olive oil: 2 tbsp
Onion: One, finely chopped
Green pepper: one seeds removed, finely chopped
Paprika: 1 tsp
Chilli Power: 1 tsp
Raisins: 30g/1oz
Green Olives: 12, pitted, roughly chopped
Dried Cumin: 1 tsp
Pinch of Salt

For the pastry
Plain flour: 2 cups
Salt: 1 tsp
Sunflower oil: ½ cup
Chilled apple juice: 1/3 cup

Recipe method

Mix the flour and salt, and stir in the oil with a fork. Add the apple juice and mix well. At first, it may seem very wet, but it will dry out almost immediately. Form into a ball and roll out between sheets of waxed paper.

Heat the olive oil in a frying pan, add the onion and cook on a low heat until transparent and softened. Add the green pepper, mince, and sauté over a medium heat for about 5 minutes, and then add the paprika chili powder and cumin. Remove the pan from the heat and add the raisins and olives, Season to taste with salt and freshly ground black pepper.

To assemble the empanadas, remove the pastry from the fridge, and roll out to pound coin thickness (3mm). Cut circles from the pastry, using a saucer as a guide, or else use a 12cm/4½in pastry cutter.
Put two teaspoons of filling onto one half of each pastry circle. Wet the edges of the pastry with a little water, fold the non-filled half of the pastry over the filled half, and crimp the edges together to seal or use a fork to mark the edges. Repeat with the remaining pastry circles.

Heat the oven to 180 and serve warm.

For more recipes check out the Fry’s Vegetarian website.

Testimonials Page

We thought you might like to find out what our party hosts, event planners and clients have been saying about us so we created a testimonials post.

Vegan Berlin Part 2

Last month, I promised that I’d finish the remainder of the Berlin post and here it is. If you want to read more check out Berlin Part 2, where you will find lots of pictures of half eaten cake. Vegan Berlin Part 1 kicked off a heated debate on twitter, when I posted the title ‘Berlin Vegan Paradise?’ Whether you agree or not do leave a comment because we’d like to know what you think.

Paris Bound

Towards the end of this month, the Vegan Peasants will be making a trip to Paris via Eurostar. Unfortunately, we’ll be returning on Saturday so we’ll miss the Marché Raspail, which I hear has many vegan delights.
If there is a restaurant, market, café or shop that we should not miss vegan or vegan-friendly do let us know.

Diana and the Vegan Peasant Team

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Animal Aid Christmas Fayre 2012

Posted on November 11th, 2012 · By admin

Vegan Peasant Logo

For immediate release: November 9, 2012

Contact: Diana Pinkett, 07981325531

Fry’s and Vegan Peasant Catering have teamed up

Next month, you are invited to the Animal Aid Christmas Fayre where Fry’s and Vegan Peasant Catering have teamed up to bring you the perfect party canapés just in time for the holiday season. Vegan Peasant Catering produced a number of canapés using some of Fry’s best know products.

Lisa and Pat at FRY’S Distribution are absolutely delighted to be working with Vegan Peasant Catering… “We are so thrilled that Vegan Peasant are using our FRY’S products as ingredients in their amazing canapés,” says Lisa. “Diana and Adrian have taken FRY’S to a whole new level with their delicious recipes and we are so grateful for all their help promoting the brand at Christmas without Cruelty.”

On the day you’ll get to try:

Sesame and Soy Glazed ‘Beef’ Skewers
Chic’n and Zucchini Satay Skewers
Polony, Olive and Basil Pinxtos
Peking Quack Pancake Rolls
Maple & Sesame Glazed ‘Sausage’

In addition to samples we’ll also be giving away recipe cards to make your party planning easier.

In the meantime, you can check out the recipes in the starter section of the Fry’s webslte:

Event Details

Who: Animal Aid’s Christmas Fayre

What: Ethical living and cruelty-free show

Where: Kensington Town Hall, Hornton Street, London, W8

When: Sunday 2nd December 2012, 10am until 5pm.
Entry £2, under 11s free

See you there!


For further information please contact diana@veganpeasantcatering .com


About Vegan Peasant Catering

We specialize in creating the most beautiful and delicious canapés and bowl foods that are 100% plant-based, sustainable, ethical and inclusive. We are experts in catering to many diets so if you are kosher, halal, vegan, vegetarian or you just like great food you will be well catered for. Quality is important to us so whenever possible, Vegan Peasant Catering sources organic, fair trade, seasonal and local ingredients.

Our clients love that we are able to impress their guests, vegetarian and non-vegetarian alike. We have a passion for world travel, which inspires our global cuisine. But most of all, we are happy to provide bespoke solutions and we are great to work with.

Fry’s Vegetarian

From small innovative beginnings in the Fry’s Family kitchen, Fry’s has become an international success. In an effort to seek vegetarian varieties Wally and Debbie Fry, both committed vegetarians, began making protein alternatives or meat analogues for their own consumption.

The business is driven by the family’s passion to create delicious and cruelty-free food that has as little impact on the natural environment as possible with emphasis on putting principles over profits.

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